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Unlock powerful features to take your immigration practice to the next level

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With a Docketwise Pro subscription, you will unlock premium access to powerful features and integrations that will take your immigration practice to the next level.

These features and integrations include:

Docketwise Leads CRM

Docketwise Leads CRM makes it easy to manage your incoming leads or prospective clients so you can grow your practice with features such as a Website Integration, Lead, Reminders, Status Tracking, and Email Templates.

Bulk Emails and Text Messaging

With Bulk Messaging you can send out bulk emails and text messages to your clients and prospective clients, thus saving you valuable time.

QuickBooks Integration

Our QuickBooks Integration allows you to connect Docketwise so that all Invoices, Payments, and Trust Account Transactions are created and synced in your QuickBooks Online Account.

HR Portal

With the HR Portal, you can upload and organize Tasks, Forms/Questionnaires, USCIS Receipts, Invoices, Files, as well as the Status of Employee's Matters by employee so that it is easy to keep your corporate clients up-to-date and on track.

Custom Attributes

With Custom Attributes, you are able to create customizable fields in Docketwise for Contacts and Matters. These Custom Attributes can be:

  • Tracked and filled on the Contact's/Matter's Overview Page

  • Asked on Custom Intakes to be filled out by clients

  • Included in Automated Templates

  • Reported on and utilized as filters in Contact and Matter Reports

Upgrading to Docketwise Pro

Upgrading your account is simple; just follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Subscription

  2. Select the Docketwise Pro option

  3. Click the Save Changes button

You can learn more about our annual and monthly Docketwise Pro pricing options by clicking here.

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