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In order to unlock Docketwise Leads CRM, you must be a Docketwise Pro or Advanced subscriber. If you would like to learn about the other features that you can unlock on a Docketwsie Pro or Advanced subscription, you can click here.


Docketwise Leads is the first CRM specifically designed for immigration lawyers. It enables to:

  1. automate the collection of leads right from your website or via our chatbot integrations

  2. track and engage your leads with regular contact points, and

  3. convert your leads to clients in Docketwise once you're ready to prepare their case.

Automate Collection

You can add leads to Docketwise by (a) creating them manually, (b) embedding a contact form on your website, and (c) using our integration with YoTengoBot.

Manually Creating a Lead

In order to manually create a lead, navigate to the Leads tab in your Docketwise account and click "Add Lead".

Embeddable Contact Form

You can add a link or button to your own contact form on your website, so visitors can add themselves as leads to Docketwise automatically. 🚀

From your Leads tab, click "Collect Leads". Then copy and paste the snippet for adding a link or button to your site (or have your webmaster do it for you 🤓 ).

If you're not sure what the difference is between a link and a button:

When visitors click on the link or button on your site, it will open a new tab with a simple contact form that looks like this:

The instant a visitor has provided their information and clicked submit, they're added as a Lead in Docketwise.

YoTengoBot Integration

Another (fantastic!) way to collect leads is through YoTengoBot's integration with Docketwise. This bilingual chatbot will chat with your potential leads on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS and then add the Leads to Docketwise, all by itself. 🤯

Here's how the integration works from YoTengoBot founder and immigration lawyer Jared Jaskot:

Track and Engage Your Leads

Once you've saved your Leads in Docketwise, the next step is tracking and engaging them so that you can convert them to clients!

Docketwise Leads enables you to (a) track Leads across custom statuses, (b) set reminders for following up with Leads, and (c) email Leads with custom templates.

Track Leads Across Custom Statuses

Start by creating a set of statuses that you want to use in order to track leads from visitor to client. An example of a set of statuses might be:

Visitor ➡️ Contacted ➡️ Scheduled Consultation ➡️ Converted to Client

In order to create a set of statuses, click "More Actions" and then Manage Lead Statuses.

Once you've added some statuses, you'll be able to filter your leads by status by clicking the "Lead Status" button.

Set Reminders for Following Up with Leads ⏰

It's critical to follow up with your leads at regular intervals until you've converted them to clients. Docketwise Leads makes this easy by enabling you to set a specific contact frequency for each Lead and then marking Leads as due when they're ready for follow-up.

When a Lead is added to Docketwise, their contact frequency will be "bi-weekly" by default and the lead will be marked as due.

When a lead is marked as due, they'll appear in your Due Leads tab, so you know you need to follow up with them:

Once you've contacted the lead, click the "Contacted" button and they'll move from Due Leads to All Leads:

Since the contact frequency for this lead is biweekly, they'll pop back up in Due leads again in half a week. When a lead is new, it can be helpful to contact them frequently. Once the lead cools down a bit, give them some space by setting the frequency to monthly or even longer.

Email Leads with Custom Templates

You can quickly email Leads right from Docketwise Leads and either draft an email from scratch or import any number of templates.

In order to email a Lead, click More Actions and select Email Lead.

This will open up a modal from which you'll be able to draft an email or import and then edit an email template. To create email templates, click More Actions > Manage Email Templates.

Convert Leads to Clients

You can do pretty much anything with Leads that you can do with Clients: create intakes, add events, add tasks and notes, etc.

However, once you've won a Lead's business, you'll want to convert them to a Contact so that they move from your Leads tab to your Contacts tab and so that you can track conversions with our Lead reports.

In order to convert a Lead to a Contact, click More Actions and then Convert to Client.

You can also convert Contacts to Leads by navigating to your Contacts tab, selecting the More Actions icon and selecting "Convert to Lead". (Note that you will only see this option if you have a Docketwise Pro or Advanced subscription.)

Finally, you can create reports on Lead conversions over time and other Lead metrics.

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