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E-Filing Form DS-160
E-Filing Form DS-160

In Docketwise, electronically filing the DS-160 is easier than ever!

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In Docketwise, you can take advantage of our Smart Forms to electronically file the DS-160, making it more efficient than ever.

Once the information has been entered into Docketwise, a new DS-160 Application will be created on the CEAC website with all of the information provided with just a couple of clicks!


Note: The DS-160 E-Filing feature is only available on Pro/Advanced subscription plans.

Completing the Intake/Smart Form Questionnaire

To be able to create a new application to e-file your DS-160 with CEAC, you and/or your client will need to complete the Intake/Smart Form Questionnaire.

To learn more about sharing your Intake/Smart Form Questionnaire with your clients, click here.

In order to initiate the e-filing process to create an application with CEAC, you will need to make sure that all answers provided are complete and are formatted in accordance with CEAC's specifications.

Initiating an Application with CEAC

In order to start electronically filing the DS-160 from Docketwise, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the eFile this form on button

  2. Select the location in which the visa is being applied for

  3. Select your security question

  4. Enter the answer to your security question

  5. Click the Submit button

If the information has been filled in correctly on the Intake/Smart Form Questionnaire, you will receive the message below that the E-Filing has been initiated:

Note: If you are missing information or fields are not formatted according to CEAC guidelines, you will be notified of which fields need to be corrected (click here to learn more).

Accessing the Application with CEAC

Once your application has been successfully sent to CEAC, you will receive a bell notification and you will be able to see the information needed to access this on CEAC's website (as is demonstrated below):

In order to start accessing the application you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Intake tab of the DS-160 that you would like to file in Docketwise

  2. Click the link to or open this in a new tab/window

  3. Enter the code displayed

  4. Click the Retrieve an Application button

  5. Copy and paste the Application ID Number from Docketwise

  6. Click the Retrieve Application button

  7. Enter answers under Security Questions from Docketwise

  8. Click the Retrieve Application button

After completing the steps above, you will be taken to the online form on CEAC's website with all answers provided from Docketwise, where you can complete the process.

Troubleshooting Errors

If the information entered in the Intake/Smart Form Questionnaire is incomplete or not formatted in accordance with CEAC's requirements, you would not be able to initiate the application until this information is corrected.

If you attempt to click the button to E-File this Form with CEAC and the Intake/Smart Form Questionnaire is incomplete or not formatted in accordance with CEAC's requirements, you will receive an error message that lists the details for each field that needs to be corrected:

In order to address these issues. simply click on the links in the error message or navigate to the corresponding question, and update the field to satisfy the error message provided for each specific question.

Once all errors have been corrected, simply click the 🔁 Save and Validate button to attempt to initiate the application.

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