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Bulk Text Messages and Emails
Bulk Text Messages and Emails

See how easy it is to send bulk emails or texts to contacts within Docketwise

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With bulk messaging, you are now able to send email or text messages to your contacts within Docketwise!

In order to unlock this feature, you must be a Docketwise Pro/Advanced subscriber. If you would like to learn about the other features that you can unlock on a Docketwise Pro/Advanced subscription, you can click here.

Sending Bulk Messages

To get started using the Bulk Messaging feature, first, you will navigate to Contacts.

Once there, you are able to select up to 10 contacts at a time as long as they appear on the same page. You can take advantage of the search function to narrow down your results or to locate the contacts to which you wish to send the email.

You can also add additional contacts in a later step.

After selecting the contacts to which you would like to send the message, click More Actions > Send Message.

After selecting the option to send a message, you will be able to select between Email and Text messaging and choose a message from your message templates or enter your message manually.

After you have your message ready to go, you may click the Save and Continue button.

Next, a window will appear where you can confirm that all the recipient's information is correct.

You can change the email address or mobile number as well as add or remove contacts that will receive this message.

To remove a contact, simply click the X icon to the side of the contact that you would like to remove.

To add a contact, simply click the + Add Contact button to add more contacts.

Once you have selected all contacts, you will click the Send Message button to send out your bulk message.

Note: The maximum amount of characters for text messages (SMS) is 160 characters.

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