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Invoicing and Trust Accounting
Invoicing and Trust Accounting
Billing Clients on DocketwiseShare invoices for services and expenses with your clients.
Global Invoice SettingsCustomize your firm's default invoice settings
Refunding Payments on BillsReflect any refunded payments made on invoices
Creating an InvoiceSee how to easily create an invoice in Docketwise
Saved Charges for InvoicesEasily create and add saved charges for commonly-used flat rate charges
Automatic Late Fees on InvoicesAutomatically apply late fees to late invoices
Restrict Invoice AccessPrevent staff on your account from viewing or editing invoices
Reporting on Delinquent Payment PlansEasily keep track of invoices on payment plans and any overdue balances
Bulk-Sharing and Bulk-Downloading InvoicesEasily send and download invoices in bulk on Docketwise!
Trust Requests in DocketwiseRequest trust funds from your clients with Docketwise invoices
Creating a Trust RequestSee how to easily create a trust request in Docketwise
Disbursing Funds from a Trust AccountReflect offline payments to third parties from your Trust Accounts in Docketwise
Review your Trust Account Balances and TransactionsKeep track of trust requests, trust transfers, disbursements and balances.
Creating a Time EntryLearn how to track your time spent working on clients' cases
Time TrackingTrack your time and send invoices to your clients
Billing by TimeLearn how to bill your clients based on time
Sending an Invoice for a Client to PaySee how easy it is to send invoices to clients for them to pay through Docketwise using the LawPay integration
Sending an Invoice to a Different ContactFind out how you can send an invoice to a matter's secondary contact using Docketwise
Recording a Direct PaymentSee how to easily record a direct payment for a client's invoice
Paying an Invoice with a Trust TransferSee how to apply funds from your client's trust account to a bill
Associating Payments to Specific Invoice ChargesAssociate your invoice payments to specific invoice charges
Edit Payments on InvoicesEdit payments towards bills and trust requests
Payment Plans with LawPayCharge your clients' credit cards on recurring payment plans
Client Experience for Paying InvoicesSee how your clients will see and pay invoices through Docketwise
Trust Accounting Ledger
Translating InvoicesEasily translate your invoices in Docketwise