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Downloading/Printing Forms

See How You Can Download/Save from Docketwise

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Now that your client has completed the questionnaire in smart forms, you want to save and print your forms so that you can share them with your client and finally send off the application.

You can find additional printing/downloading options under Settings > Print Settings:

First, you will have to navigate to your client's form/smart form. This can be done by searching for the form.

Once in the smart form, navigate to Forms.

From here, you can view all of the forms that Docketwise helped prepare based on the answers in the smart form questionnaires. To view the different forms that make up the collection, click the "Switch Forms & Addenda" test, which will bring up a box. From the box, click the black text to switch between which form you would like to view.

You can print/save forms one by one, or print all forms at once in one PDF document.

To print/save an individual form, click the printer icon on the black bar towards the top of the screen while viewing the desired form.

Conversely, you can print/save all forms to one file by clicking the "Print All" button towards the top right of your screen.

Once you have downloaded it, the file will show up on the bottom of your screen. By right-clicking the download, view the folder to which it was saved (by selecting "View in Folder" as well as open it up in the default PDF software on your computer (by selecting "Open in System Viewer". From these options, you can save it as a different file name and choose where the file is to be saved.

If you left-click the document, it will open it in a new tab with your browser's PDF viewer. Please note that changes made on a browser's PDF viewer does not generally save after downloading the document; to make changes, it is suggested that you make these changes in your computer's default PDF software, such as Adobe. To download from your browser's PDF viewed, click the download icon at the top right of the screen, where you can choose the location and the name for the file.

Again, if any changes must be made after saving/printing the file, it is best to do so in your computer's default PDF software, such as Adobe.

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