By default, PDFs in Docketwise are editable after you print them. This is handy in case you want to make some last minute changes after printing the form (even though those changes won't be saved to Docketwise).

However, there are some occasions where you may want to print a "flattened PDF". A flattened PDF has essentially been converted into an image by Docketwise before it's downloaded to your computer. This ensures that it looks identical to the PDF on Docketwise and can't be affected by your PDF Software or changed by you or your client. Here are some occasions where you may want to choose this option:

  • Your clients are using unreliable PDF software that corrupts the Docketwise form

  • You're sending the forms to your clients and you don't want them to make any changes

In order to print a flattened PDF, navigate to your Account Settings page and uncheck the "Print Editable PDFs" option. Note that this is a global setting, so if you want to print an editable PDF you should navigate back to Account Settings and check the box again.

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