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Navigating DocketwiseLearn How to Navigate Docketwise
Trash CanReview and restore deleted Contacts, Matters, Forms, Tasks, Notes, Invoices, Messages, and Files
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)Enhance your login and account security with two factor authentication (2FA).
Docketwise PricingDocketwise has monthly and annual pricing plans, plus discounted pricing for nonprofits
Docketwise ProUnlock powerful features to take your immigration practice to the next level
Docketwise AdvancedUnlock all of Docketwise's premium features, integrations, solutions and premium support
Managing UsersAdd, remove and manage permissions for users on your account
Managing Your SubscriptionPick which subscription plan works best for you and your team!
Cancelling Your Docketwise AccountCancelling Your Docketwise Account
Notification SettingsChange your notification settings to make sure the right staff get notified
Invitation SettingsCustomize your firm's default invitation settings
Uploading your Firm's LogoEasily upload your firm's/organization's logo to your Docketwise account!
Changing Firm Member's Name and EmailLearn how to change a firm member's name and email address within Docketwise!
Changing Time ZoneChanging your time zone within Docketwise is easy!
Add or Update Payment DetailsAdd or update your credit card on Docketwise
Custom DashboardSee everything that is most relevant to you at a glance with your customizable dashboard
Results Per Page in Dashboards and ReportsIn Docketwise, you can easily select how many results per page are displayed on your Dashboards and Reports
Custom ColumnsEasily customize the columns of your Dashboards and in Reports
User Permission GroupsRestrict your contacts' and matters' permissions
Firm BranchesSort your firm members based on their branch location
Docketwise Training and HelpStart learning how to use Docketwise in minutes
Docketwise Data SecurityLearn More about Docketwise's Data Security