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Creating a Trust Request

See how to easily create a trust request in Docketwise

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To create a new trust request, start by clicking the Create New button.

After clicking the Create New button, click the option for Invoice. From there, you will be prompted to enter some information for the trust request.

On this page, you must indicate the following:

  • Preparer of invoice/trust request

  • Contact associated with invoice/trust request

  • Invoice type: Trust Request

  • Matter associated with invoice/trust request

  • Trust request amount

  • Whether funds are kept a client-level or a matter-level

Once you have entered the appropriate information, simply click the Create Invoice button to proceed to the next step.

On this page, you are able to update Invoice Settings and view the trust request invoice.

Invoice Settings

Under Invoice Settings tab, you are able to update the following:

  • Date issued

  • Date due

  • Invoice number

  • Email Reminders

  • Customizable footer

  • Color scheme

  • Including your firm's logo

  • Payment plan (requires the LawPay integration)

Now that you have the trust request invoice prepared, you will need to collect or record a payment. Here, you will have the following options:

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