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Payment Plans with LawPay

Charge your clients' credit cards on recurring payment plans

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Payment Plans on Docketwise allow you to periodically charge your clients each month, week or day until the balance on their invoice has been paid.

The first step to setting up a payment plan is signing up for LawPay and activating the Docketwise-LawPay integration. You can do this by clicking "Activate LawPay" from your Integration Settings page.

Once you have an active LawPay integration, go ahead and create an invoice! You can create either a Bill or a Trust Request. Once you've created your invoice, find the "Create Payment Plan" toggle under Invoice Settings and turn it on.

You'll be asked to provide the payment start date, payment frequency, payment amount and credit card/eCheck information. Once you've done this, create your payment plan.

That's it! LawPay will begin charging your client periodically as you've requested until the balance on their invoice is paid.

Note: If you record a payment outside of the payment plan for an invoice while a payment plan is still active, that payment will not be reflected in the Scheduled Payments in LawPay and should be adjusted manually in LawPay accordingly.

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