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Send emails and attachments from Gmail to Docketwise
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Docketwise integrates with Gmail so that you can send emails and attachments directly from Gmail to Docketwise.

With this add-on, you can save these messages and attachments directly to a contact and matter within Docketwise.

Activating the Gmail Add-on:

Before you get started, you must make sure of the following:

  1. You are using Google Chrome as your browser.

  2. Your Google Chrome browser is signed in under the same account you use for Gmail. For more information on this, you can visit the Google Chrome Help Center.

  3. Your administrator has enabled Add-ons to be installed on Gmail or Google Suite.

To get started, you must be logged into your Docketwise and Gmail accounts.

  1. In your Gmail, click the "+" icon on the right of the screen for Get Add-ons. You can also find our Add-on by clicking here.

  2. After clicking the "+" icon for Get Add-ons, type Docketwise into the Gmail Add-ons search bar.

  3. After searching, select the Docketwise Add-on.

  4. Once you have selected the Docketwise Add-on, click Install > Continue > Select Gmail account > Allow > Done.

  5. After installing the add-on, open an email that has been sent by one of your contacts from Docketwise and click the Docketwise add-on on the right-hand side.

  6. From there, you will click the Connect Docketwise text and click Authorize in the separate window that opens.

Using the Gmail integration:

After connecting, the Docketwise-Gmail integration will automatically connect the email sender to a contact in Docketwise and show them as a suggested contact!

You are also able to select to which specific matter the message and files are saved if there are multiple matters under that contact.

You can also save the email's message and attachment(s) to a contact and matter that is not the sender of an email. To do this, simply enter the name or email address of the contact to which you would like to save in the Search Contacts option and the integration will find them for you!

After selecting which contact and matter you would like to save the email message or attachment(s) to, simply click the Save Email or the Save Attachments buttons, and it will be automatically saved to Docketwise.

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