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Adding Preparer Information
Adding Preparer Information

Populate the preparer fields of all forms at once

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When you add information about yourself and your firm to Docketwise, you can use that information to populate the preparer fields of all of your firms. When doing so, you can use either your own information or information about any other user on your Docketwise account. Here's how:

  • From your dashboard, click "Update Firm & Preparer"

  • Add information about yourself. By default, this information will be used to populate the preparer fields on all of your forms

  • If you have multiple users on your account, you can choose which of those users you want to set as the preparer. Changing the preparer on your account when update the preparer fields for all forms printed from your account. You can also set a form-specific preparer so that different forms in your account populate with different preparer's information

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