Just getting started with Docketwise? Here we go 🚀

You can use Docketwise for as much or as little as you like. Some firms only use it for form preparation. Others use the full suite of practice management and case tracking tools: tasks, notes, document storage, contact management, priority date and USCIS status tracking and more.

We have in depth articles on each of these features in this help center, but here we want to give a quick overview of our main focus: Smart Forms.

Smart Forms speed up the process of preparing forms in three ways:

  • They store your clients' data in your account and sync it across all forms, so you don't have to retype the same data over again

  • They provide a secure and clean interface for your clients to enter the data themselves. The most popular Smart Forms are available in English and Spanish

  • They enable you to invite your clients to enter data by email and track the status of those emails after they're sent

So go ahead and create your first Smart Form! Just follow these steps:

  • Click "Create New" and then select "Smart Form"

  • Select the form you want to prepare

  • Create a Contact who will serve as the official client for the form

  • Create a Matter to store the form. Think of the Matter as the folder in which you're going to store all forms, notes and documents associated with the case. A good Matter name could be "Adjustment of Status Petition"

  • Select the beneficiary for the form

  • Click Create Form

In the next article, we'll discuss the different parts of a Smart Form, Form Sync and editing your PDFs right inside of Docketwise.

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