Secure Portal Messaging allows you to communicate securely with your clients via the client portal.


Creating a new Secure Portal Message

In order to start creating a new conversation with secure portal messaging, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Create New ▼ button

  2. Select the Message Option

  3. Choose the Secure Portal option

  4. Select the contact to whose portal the message will be sent

  5. Enter your message subject and content or import a message template

  6. Click the Send Message button

Note: A client must first have a client portal activated in order to receive a secure portal message.

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Viewing and Sending Secure Messages as a Client

After sending the client a secure portal message, they will receive an email notification, prompting them to log in to read the message:

After logging in, your client may view all messages received and reply to these messages directly and securely from their client portal.

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Responding to Secure Client Messages

As soon as a client responds to the message, you will receive an in-app notification about the client's response.

In order to see the client's response, you can either click on the notification or click on the message from the Message index.

Once here, you can view the entire chain of correspondence as well as leave an additional reply.

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