With Merge Tags in messages, you can include contact and matter information in email messages (and email message templates)!


How it Merge Tags in Messages Works

When you send an email message to a contact, you can use merge tags to include information relating to the contact in your correspondence. If you choose to relate the message to matter, you can also include matter merge tags with the message.

Including Merge Tags

To insert a merge tag into a message (or message template), you can select popular merge tags from the list or manually type in any of our merge tags.

  • To see the list of popular merge tags (and custom attributes), please click the # Merge Tags button and select the merge tags you would like to include.

  • To see complete list of merge tags that you can include, please click the # Merge Tags button and select the View All Merge Tags option (or click here).

Note: Merge tags for matters cannot be included in Bulk Emails.

Previewing Your Message

Before sending an email message (with the exception of bulk emails), you can preview how your message will appear with the merge tags before sending it out by clicking the Preview button.

Where Merge Tags in Messages Can be Used

Merge Tags in messages can be used in:

  1. Single email messages (sending an email message via the Create New ▼ button)

  2. Bulk email messages (sending an email message to multiple contacts via the Contacts Dashboard)

  3. Email messages templates

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