With event reminders in Docketwise, you can easily send reminders via email for upcoming events to yourself, your colleagues, and your clients.

Using these reminders, you are able to indicate exactly how long before the event you would like the reminder to be sent. Also, you can add additional reminders for the same event.


How do Event Reminders Work?

The 2 principle components of an event reminder are the Attendees and the Notification itself:

  • The Attendees can be Firm Members and Contacts; these will be the individuals who receive the email reminder notification.

  • The Notification consists of a numerical value (ie. 6) and a unit of time (ie. hours); this is the amount of time before the starting time of the event that the reminder will be sent.

Attendees and Notifications can either be added while creating a new event or by opening and editing an event that already exists.

Adding Attendees to an Event

In order to add an attendee to an event, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Click in the box under Attendees

  2. Search for either a firm member or contact by typing their name or email address

  3. Select the firm member or contact to be added as an Attendee

Adding Notifications to an Event

In order to add a notification to an event, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Set the slider bar for Add Notification to active (if not already active)

  2. Choose unit of time (minutes/hours/days/weeks/months)

  3. Enter a numerical value corresponding to the unit of time entered

Note: If you wish to add multiple reminders, simply click the + Add notification option and repeat the steps mentioned above.

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