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Completing the Questionnaire as a Client
Completing the Questionnaire as a Client

Learn how to fill out your questionnaire as a client

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Here, we will show you how to use each of the options available when filling out a Smart Form Questionnaire as a client.


Answer Formats

You will find three different formats for answering questions, you can see examples below:

  • Dropdown List

  • Checkbox

  • Text boxes

Navigating Tabs and Search

The search option in the application will let you type keywords to any question you would like to reach quickly.

You can also click on a person’s name from the list to get the categorized general information questions.

Additional Items

If you need to provide more than one item like children, several addresses, trips taken, you can use the “Add” button below the item information to generate a new item.

Change Date Format Options

We have the option available for you to change what information appears on the date.

For the date, you have these choices to select from:

  • Month - Day - Year

  • Month - Year

  • Year

  • Present

Flagged Questions

There are times when you will notice a red flag next to a question. These have been marked by your attorney to bring attention to the field.

Comment on Questions

Use the ‘Add Comment’ button to write a question or comment for the field you need. Use the @ sign to tag your attorney or other family members and start a conversation.

Translate options

We have several languages available for you to choose from. To make a change click on More Actions on the top right, then select Translate. You will now get a list of languages available.

  • Click on More Actions on the top right

  • Then select Translate

  • You will now get a list of languages available.

How to Upload a File

Use the More Actions button to show the Upload File option.

Click on Upload File to open the upload menu.

You can now drag and drop a file or select a file from your computer.

You may also see an upload option like this one:

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