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Firm Branches

Sort your firm members based on their branch location

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In Docketwise, you can group and sort your firm members based on their branch location. Not only that but the firm branch can be used as a filter when running reports.

In order to unlock this feature, you must be a Docketwise Advanced subscriber. If you would like to learn about the other features that you can unlock on a Docketwise Advanced subscription, you can click here.

Setting Up and Assigning Branches

To get started, you will want to follow the steps below:

  1. Set up your firm's branches under Settings > Branches

  2. Indicate an individual firm member's branch assignment under Settings > User Access and click the Save Changes button.

Running Reports by Branch(es)

Now that you have set up your branches and assigned your firm members to specific branches, you can now run reports and filter by branch for the following reports:

Matter Reports

  • Matters Over Time

  • Matters by Type

  • Matters by Status

  • Matters by Preference Category

Task Reports

  • Tasks by Client

  • Tasks by Matter

  • Late Tasks by Client

  • Late Tasks by Matter

User Reports

  • Late Tasks by User

  • Matters by User

Creating a Report

To create a new report, you will simply click the Create New button from your Docketwise Dashboard and select Report. From there, you will simply choose the type of report you would like to run while filtering your results accordingly.

We encourage you to click here if you are interested in learning more about Reports in Docketwise.

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