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Billing by Time

Learn how to bill your clients based on time

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Billing a client based on time spent working on their case is easy in Docketwise!

First, you will want to have recorded your time spent working on a client's case. If you have not yet recorded your time spent, you will want to click here to learn how.

Importing Time Entries

In order to import time entries into an invoice you will need to follow the step below:

  1. Either create a new invoice or open an invoice that has already been made

  2. From within the invoice, navigate to the Invoice Charges tab

  3. Click the Time Entries button

  4. Check the boxes for all time entries that you wish to bill for

  5. Click the Import Time Entries button

After clicking the Import Time Entries button, your selected time entries will automatically appear in the invoice under Professional Services.

Now that you have the invoice prepared, you will need to collect or record a payment. To do this, you have the following options:

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