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Sending an Invoice to a Different Contact
Sending an Invoice to a Different Contact

Find out how you can send an invoice to a matter's secondary contact using Docketwise

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It is not always the primary contact of a matter that will be paying the invoices for a matter. It may be a spouse, family member, sponsoring company, agency, or other third party paying the invoice.

Here, we will walk through the steps of sending an invoice to a contact that is not the primary contact for a matter.

The first step is to open up the matter in which you will create the invoice.

Once you are in the correct matter, select the Create New button in the top right and select Invoice.

In the option, With which client should we associate this invoice, select whichever contact you would like to receive and pay the invoice (just make sure they have a valid email address entered first). This can be accomplished by scrolling down or simply starting to type in the contact's name.

After you have selected the correct contact, you can click the Create Invoice button.

If you have never prepared an invoice or need a quick refresher on preparing one, you can click here to get up to speed!

Once you have filled out all of the necessary fields and are ready to send the invoice, simply click the Share option and click Send.

After doing this, a window will appear the contact information of the appropriate contact with which to share the invoice. Here, you can also select the option of sending reminder messages and entering in with which frequency you would like the reminders to go out. After confirming all fields are correct, click the Share Invoice button to send out the invoice!

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