Docketwise integrates with Outlook Calendar so that your events stay synced across both platforms.

How the Integration Works

Only one user is able to integrate their Outlook account's calendars to Docketwise.

The events of all Outlook calendars that this user selects will appear in Docketwise and any changes made to these events in either platform will be synced across both platforms.

Events that are categorized under a calendar created in Docketwise may be reassigned to a calendar from Outlook so that it can be synced across both platforms.

Setting Up the Integration

In order to activate this integration, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations

  2. Click the Activate Outlook Calendar button

  3. Log in to your Outlook account

  4. Authorize access for the integration

  5. Select which Outlook calendars you would like to integrate from your Outlook account

  6. Click the Sync Calendars button

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