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Uploading Files to Docketwise
Uploading Files to Docketwise

Firm members or clients can upload files to Docketwise

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Your firm needs a place to store files within Docketwise - PDF versions of completed immigration forms, photo evidence, and even cover letters. Docketwise makes it easy to upload and view these documents on our platform.

To upload files, hit "create new" in the upper right corner of your dashboard. You can also hit "create new" while viewing a specific contact/matter, and Docketwise will know to assign the uploaded file to that contact/matter.

Then, drag and drop your file (or select it from your computer) and click "upload" to add it to Docketwise. Please note that you can upload as many files as you'd like a time; however, the maximum total file size per upload is 100 MB. There is no limit on how much total file data is stored on your Docketwise account.

You may also select a different name for the file when uploading so that the identity of the file is clear to all firm members.

Clients can also upload files to Docketwise through either a document request question on a custom intake form or through the client portal. Through the client portal, clients can select as many files as they want per upload, up to 100 MB of total file size.

Clients may also rename their files when uploading them on the portal.

All files uploaded by the client to the portal will show up in the "Files" section of their contact page, and the client's email address will show in the "uploaded by" section, so it's clear whether each file was uploaded by the firm or the client.

As always, reach out with any questions about this article to Enjoy using Docketwise!

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