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Keep track of your clients' maximum amount of time remaining in nonimmigrant status

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VMAX reporting in Docketwise enables you to keep track of your clients' maximum amount of time remaining in nonimmigrant status. With VMAX reporting you can:

  • See the amount of time remaining in nonimmigrant status (VMAX) for each of your clients

  • Order your clients by VMAX

  • Export lists of clients with impending nonimmigrant status expirations

Set VMAX Date

The first step to tracking your clients' VMAX is setting the VMAX date of each client. The VMAX date is that last date that a client can remain in their immigration status given that they have no further extensions of status available.

Example 1:
The VMAX date for a client in H1-B status would the the last date of the 6th year for a client who is not eligible for any exception to the 6 year limitation on H-1B status.

Example 2:
The VMAX date for a conditional permanent resident is the last day of their second year of conditional resident status.

In order to update your client's VMAX date:

  • Navigate Contact page

  • Make sure you are on the Contact's "Overview" tab

  • Either enter "VMAX" into the search bar or click on the "Immigration" subtab and look for the VMAX date field

Run VMAX Report

Once you've set the VMAX date for your clients, you can run reports which calculate the VMAX of each client and order them by time remaining under their current status.

To do this, navigate to your dashboard, click the "Create New" button and select "Report".

From the New Reports page, click "Contacts Report" and then select "VMAX Report".

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