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Assigning Forms and Matters
Assigning Forms and Matters

Assign forms and matters across staff at your firm

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You can assign forms and matters to different members as well as filter Forms and Matters to see only yours. Follow these steps to assign Forms and Matters:

  1. Navigate to the Forms or Matters page in your dashboard

  2. Select the Forms or Matters that you want to assign

  3. Click "More Actions"

  4. Click "Assign to Staff"

  5. Select the member of your firm to whom you would like to assign the Form or Matter

  6. If you are assigning a Matter, you can optionally check the box to assign all tasks within that matter as well

Once you've assigned the Form or Matter, the assignee will receive a notification and an email letting them know.

In order to see only your assigned Forms and Matters, click "All Assignees" in the top left of the Forms and Matters tables, then select "Only Mine".

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