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Smart Forms vs Smart Forms Lite
Smart Forms vs Smart Forms Lite

Understand the difference between questionnaires

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Docketwise contains two types of questionnaires: Smart Forms and Smart Forms Lite.

  • Smart Forms contain every question required for a particular form or set of forms. The most frequently used forms on Docketwise are Smart Forms

  • Smart Forms Lite contain all of the contact-specific questions (e.g. biographical information, work and education, addresses, family, etc). However, they do not include questions pertaining to the petition itself. Fortunately we've made it really easy to add these answers directly to the PDF right inside of Docketwise. Any field with a green background can be edited freely and your changes will sync to your account. Learn more about two-way sync. To edit all other fields, turn Form Sync off.

Watch the video below for a more detailed walkthrough.

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