In Docketwise, you can easily select how many results per page are displayed on your Dashboards and Reports!

Depending on your preference, you will be able to choose from 10, 25, or 50 results to be displayed per page.

Note: These preferences are saved to your browser as a cookie and will not affect the results per page for other users on your account; these preferences can be updated and changed as needed.

How to Choose the Number of Results Per Page

In order to change the number of results that are displayed per page, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Access one of the dashboards or reports in which this option is available (see list below)

  2. Click on the View | # ▲ button

  3. Select the number of results you would like to see per page

Dashboards and Reports in Which Results Per Page is Available

The results per page feature is currently available in the Dashboards and Reports listed below:


  • Forms Dashboard

  • Matters Dashboard

  • Contacts Dashboard

  • Tasks Dashboard

  • Notes Dashboard

  • Files Dashboard

  • Invoices Dashboard


  • Contact Reports

    • Contacts Over Time

    • VMAX Report

    • Expiry Dates Report

    • Form Invitations Report

  • Lead Reports

    • Leads Over Time Report

    • Lead Conversions Over Time

  • Matter Reports

    • Matters Over Time

  • Invoice Reports

    • Invoices Over Time

    • Invoice Charges Over Time

  • Payment Reports

    • Payments Over Time

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