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Navigating the Client Portal as a Client
Navigating the Client Portal as a Client
See how to navigate your Client Portal
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Here, we will teach you how to navigate the client portal so that you can keep up to date with the things your attorney shares with you.

To navigate the Client Portal, first, you need to set your password, if you have not done it yet you can click here for a step-by-step guide on how to setting up the Client Portal.

After you have set your password, you need to navigate to so you can access your portal. As soon as you log in you are going to see the main dashboard which is your homepage:

While in your Client Portal, you can:

Upload a File

You can upload a file by selecting the Upload Files blue button in the top left-hand corner of the portal. You can upload files up to 100 MB, but there's no limit on how many files you can upload.

View your Tasks

In the Task box, you will find all the tasks your attorney is asking you to do. Once you have completed the task you can check it as complete by clicking on the box next to the task. This will indicate to your attorney on their end that you have completed the task.

Fill Out a Form/Questionnaire

In the Forms box, you can find the smart form questionnaires related to your application(s). To open the form you need to click on the pencil button next to the questionnaire in the Forms box.

All our questionnaires are available in 8 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic). Once in the smart form, you need to click on the "More Actions" button, then click translate and select your preferred language.

View your USCIS Receipt Status

You can see the real-time status of the Petition's/Application's with USCIS in the USCIS Receipts box. Additionally, you are able to click on the linked text next to the receipt number to be taken to USCIS's Case Status website for this particular receipt notice's status.

View and Pay your Invoices

You can check the balances and status of your invoices in the Invoices box. You can download your invoice by clicking on the down arrow.

Note: If your attorney has the integration with LawPay you will see the Pay button and from there you can pay your Docketwise invoices online with your credit card.

See all your Files

In the Files box, you are able to see all of the files that you or the attorney you are working with has uploaded by selecting the down arrow next to the name of the file in the Files box.

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