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Open, Pending, and Closed Matter Status
Open, Pending, and Closed Matter Status

Setting a matter's status to open, pending, and closed

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In Docketwise, you are able to take advantage of our Matter Workflow (matter types & matter statuses) to set your matters' statuses to either Open, Pending, or Closed for tracking reasons. You will also be filter by these matter types and/or matter statuses when creating new reports.

To learn more about our Matters Workflows, you can visit this link.


Setting Up Matter Workflows for Open, Pending, and Closed Statuses

To get started, you will want to navigate to Settings > Matter Workflows. Here, you will be able to set up your new Matter Types and then subsequently assign the necessary statuses. To get started, you will click the + Create Workflow button.

After clicking the + Create Workflow button, you will enter in the name of the matter type that you would like to create. It is recommended that a matter type is made for each specific type of application/petition that your firm handles.

After creating the Matter type, you will want to add the 3 statuses to this particular Matter Type:

  • Open

  • Pending

  • Closed

To set up your matter type with statuses for open, pending, and closed, you will simply locate the matter type and click the Create Status button.

After you have created the open, pending, and closed matter statuses for one of your matter types, you can continue to add these statuses for the other matter types as well. This can be done via the following methods:

  1. Manually (as demonstrated above);

  2. Import individual statuses one-by-one

  3. Import all statuses from a previously-used matter workflow when creating a new matter type

Choosing a Matter's Type and Setting its Status

In order to set a matter's type and and status, you will want to first open the matter and click on the Update Matter Details text under the matter's title.

After selecting the Update Matter Details text, you will select the matter's appropriate matter type and then select the appropriate status for the matter.

Once you have indicated the matter's appropriate type and status, you will click the Update Matter button to save your changes.

Open, Pending, and Closed in Matter Reports

Once you have set up your matters with their appropriate matter types and matter statuses, you can use these fields as filters when running any sort of Matter Report.

You can filter just the matter type, just the matter status, or by both matter type and status. To do so, you will simply indicate the filters that you would like to use for the specific report and then click the Update button to run your report within the parameters indicated.

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