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Creating and Importing an Interpreter in Smart Forms
Creating and Importing an Interpreter in Smart Forms

See how to create and import interpreters within Docketwise

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In Docketwise, you can easily create and import an interpreter into the smart forms. First, you will need to save the information of an interpreter as a contact within Docketwise. After creating the interpreter as a contact, you can import all of the interpreter's information when preparing a Smart Form,

Creating a New Contact:

First, you will need to create a new contact by following these steps:

  • Click Create New > Contact

  • Add the first and last name

  • From here, you are able to share a custom intake with the Interpreter if you would like, so he/she can fill out their personal information (Optional).

  • Select the Create Contact button.

Once you have clicked the Create Contact button, you will be taken to your new contact's overview page. Here, you can edit and enter any additional information. To do so, simply find the fields that you would like to update by browsing through them or searching for a specific field.

Importing the interpreter's contact information into forms:

Now, with our import feature, you can import the contact directly into your forms. When you are preparing an application for your client, one of the questions found in the Smart Form Questionnaire, will ask: “Did the client use an interpreter to prepare this application?” In order to continue with this process, you need to select “Yes” as a response.

When you are asked for the Interpreter's full name, you just need to click the blue lightning icon, select the interpreter’s name and click on “Apply Changes”.

These are the fields that will import right into the form:

  • Interpreter's full name

  • Interpreter's physical address

  • Interpreter's phone number

  • Interpreter's cell phone number

  • Interpreter's email address

For the fields of “Language” and “Business or Organization”, you will have to add them manually to complete the interpreter’s information in the Smart Form Questionnaire and finalize this process.

After the "Business or Organization name" has been entered once in the Smart Form Questionnaire, it will automatically populate this field in subsequent smart forms when the interpreter is imported.

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