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See how to create a new form in Docketwise

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With Smart Forms in Docketwise, you can ask your clients anything via an intuitive Smart Form.

To learn more about Smart Forms, we encourage you to watch the video below:

To create a new form, start by clicking the Create New button.

After clicking the Create New button, click the option for Form. From there, you will be prompted to enter the information for the form(s) you wish to use.

You are able to choose one of the following:

• Any number of immigration forms

Locating forms: To locate whichever form you would like to use, you can start typing in the name or scrolling through the list of forms.

Adding Forms: For adding additional forms, simply click the Add Form button, which will provide you with a space to enter another form.

Saving Combination as Smart Form Collection: If you wish to save a combination of forms for later as a Smart Form Collection, simply click the checkbox next to Save this combination for later.

After selecting the form(s) that you would like to use, enter the following information:

  • The contact who you wish to be associated with the form(s)

  • The matter with which you would like to add these forms to (optional)

  • The beneficiary for all forms*

  • The petitioner for all forms*

  • The preparer/attorney on all forms*

* indicates this can be changed later in Settings

Once all of this information has been filled out, click the Create Form button.

After creating the form, navigate to the form's Settings option.

On this page, you can select the beneficiary and petitioner for each form individually to ensure each is assigned correctly.

Please note the following language for how beneficiary/petitioner is used within Docketwise:

  • Beneficiary of G-28/G-1145 only refers to which contact is assigned

  • Petitioner for I-864/I-864A refers to the sponsor

After making any updates within a form's settings, make sure to click the Save Form button in the top right to save your progress and changes.

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