Whether you forgot to add a certain form into a smart form collection, or more details emerged about a particular matter that requires a new form to be added, this can be accomplished within Docketwise.

Please note that this option is not available when using the Green Card Smart Form.

First, you'll want to navigate over to the respective Smart Form to which you would like to add an additional form.

Once you are in the correct Smart Form, simply click the "Settings" text in the white column of your Smart Form.

Once there, you can add a new form. To start click the "Add Form" button below the forms listed that are already part of your Smart Form collection. After clicking a new box will appear to add your new form!

You can start typing part of the form name in the box and Docketwise will help you locate the necessary form. Once you have located the form that you would like to add, simply click it and Docketwise will add it to your Smart Form.

Finally, you will need to specify to whom this form is related. This is done on the same settings page. Simply type in the name in the text box where Docketwise asks for whom this form is for and select the correct contact.

Once this is completed, click the Save Form button in the top-right corner to save your progress and you will have your new form added to your Smart Form!

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