With Docketwise, it's easy to start a brand new case for a new client and build your forms at the same time, all in one smooth process.

To get started, navigate to your Dashboard and follow the steps below:

  • Select "Smart Form"

  • Select the form (or form collection) you want to prepare

  • Create a Contact who will serve as the official client for the form or if the form is for an existing Contact, begin typing the name and select the Contact from the drop-down list when it appears

  • Create a Matter to store the form. Think of the Matter as the folder in which you're going to store all forms, notes and documents associated with the case. A good Matter name could be "Asylum- [Clients Name]"

  • Create or Select the Petitioner (if necessary)

  • Create or Select the Beneficiary

  • Select a Preparer

  • Click Create Form

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