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Form Updates and Versioning

Understand how Docketwise handles updates to USCIS forms

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Maintaining up-to-date forms is critical to Docketwise and our users. In this article, we will cover how form updates are handled in Docketwise as well as how to work with different acceptable versions of the forms.


Our Update Policy

We always update forms on Docketwise within 5 business days of the new version's announcement by USCIS (or other government agencies). Depending on how much advance notice USCIS provides, this means that forms on Docketwise are always up-to-date at least several weeks prior to when the updated version is required.

Previously Prepared Forms

When we update a form version in Docketwise, we automatically migrate previously prepared forms to the newer version. This means that if USCIS announces an update after you've prepared a form but before you've filed it, you simply need to download the form from Docketwise again and it will be up-to-date.

If the previous version of the form is still accepted by USCIS, you can easily revert the form back to its previous edition (see below).

Toggling the Form Version

As noted above, if the previous version of the form is still accepted by USCIS, you can easily revert the form back to its previous edition. Please note that this is only applicable to forms that have been updated in Docketwise starting in March of 2023.

Note: You may only toggle between form versions for USCIS forms; DS, DOL, and EOIR forms will not have multiple available versions.

Toggling to the previous version:

When form updates are made in Docketwise, the form is automatically updated to the newest version.

In order to update a form to its previous edition, simply open the form and click the option to Switch to the previous version button.


  • This option will only be available if the previous form version is still accepted by USCIS.

  • If multiple forms included have previous versions, all will be reverted back to their previous versions (as long as they are still accepted by USCIS).

Toggling to the latest version:

If you toggled to the previous form version, but wish to revert back to the most recent version, simply click the Switch to the latest version button.

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