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Trust Requests in Docketwise

Request trust funds from your clients with Docketwise invoices

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There are two types of invoices in Docketwise: trust requests and bills. In order to create a trust request:

  • Click "Create New" and select Invoice

  • In the New Invoice form, select "Trust Request" and assign a client and a matter to your invoice. Then click "Create Invoice"

  • Once you are inside the Invoice Builder, you can share the Trust Request by printing or emailing it to your client with reminders to pay

Once your client has paid an invoice, mark it as paid by clicking Record Payment. You will be asked for:

  • Payment Type: Trust Requests can only be paid via Direct Transfer

  • Destination Account: Any trust account that you have added to Docketwise. You can manage Trust and Operating Accounts from your Account Settings

  • Payment Date

  • Payment Amount

  • Description (optional)

Once an invoice's balance has been reduced to zero, the client will no longer receive reminders and the Trust Request will be moved to your Paid Invoices tab. You can track payments and the remaining balance of the client's trust from the client's page.

For a fuller understanding of Trust Requests and Invoicing in Docketwise, please watch the following short video:

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