Two-Way Sync

Save data directly from your PDF Forms

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Two-way sync enables you to save data into your account directly from your PDF Forms. In order to do this:

  1. Navigate to the "Forms" tab in any Smart Form

  2. Make sure that Form Sync is on (it's on by default)

  3. Enter or update any field with a light green background

  4. Click Save in the top right corner of the page

Data that is saved to your account via PDF Forms is available throughout Docketwise and autopopulates across forms.

Disabling Form Sync

If you would like to only edit a particular field without syncing it across forms, you can turn Form Sync off or edit the PDF after downloading it.

Which Fields Sync Both Ways?

In order to save you time completing forms, we often "compute" the responses on USCIS forms based on data stored to your account.

A simple example of this is a person's full name. Most forms ask for first and last name separately, but occasionally a form will ask for a full name. To save you time, we compute this by combining the person's first and last name saved in your account. While this makes completing forms far more efficient, it also means that the full name field in the form can't be eligible for two-way sync.

For this reason, fields that contain computed attributes do not sync both ways, whereas fields that map directly from the data you entered do. We've made it easy for you to identify which is which: two-way syncing fields have a green background.

You can, of course, still turn off form sync or print the form, which makes all fields editable.

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