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How to prepare an H-1B Case
How to prepare an H-1B Case
Create an H-1B Case with the I-129 Smart Form
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From your Docketwise Dashboard select Create New in the top right hand corner

  • Under the heading Smart Forms, select I-129, then select the “add form” button and select G-28.

  • Create a Contact who will serve as the client under whose name the form should be listed

  • Create a Matter to store the forms. Think of the matter as a file in which you will store all of the forms, tasks, notes, and supporting documents for the case. The name of the matter is up to you, for example: “H-1B Cap-subject petition”.

  • Create a contact or select a contact from your existing contacts to be the Petitioner

  • Create a contact or select a contact from your existing contacts to be the Beneficiary

  • Select Create Form

The lawyer or prepare should complete the questions under the Application section.

  • Please be sure to answer the first question “Select the immigration category for this application”.

  • Using the answers to these questions, Docketwise will produce the necessary form which will include the I-129 along with the H-supplement and Data Collection Supplement.

  • The next set of questions, organized into sections by the parties names, are intended for the Beneficiary and Petitioner, respectively, to complete. However, if you have the parties’ information available, please complete the questions in these sections.

  • Once all of the questions are complete, select Create Form.

Optional step: If desired, at any point, you can create a workflow to guide your staff using our Tasklist feature.

  • Navigate to the matter page you created for the case by clicking Matters in the black column at the left of the screen.

  • Select the Matter you created for your H-1B case by clicking on the matter title.

  • From the matter page, select Tasks from the tabs that show horizontally across the mater page.

  • Select Import Tasklist

  • Select the “H-1B filing” Tasklist and select Import

  • Edit and assign the imported tasks as desired.

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