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Create Family Green Card (Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing)
Create Family Green Card (Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing)

Family Green Card (Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing)

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Docketwise features a specific smart form collection that will help you prepare a family-based Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing application with ease.

Click the Create New ▼ button from your Docketwise dashboard and select Form.
Select the first item in the Smart Form Collection list - Family Green Card (Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing)

  • Indicate the contact who will be listed as the client for the form by typing the name and select the contact from the drop-down list when it appears

  • Create a Matter to contain the forms. Think of the Matter as a case file that will store all of the forms, tasks, notes, and supporting documents for this specific case. Choose the title of the Matter so that it makes clear the nature of the case. (Example: Adjustment of Status - Client's First and Last Name)

  • Create or Select the Petitioner

  • Create or Select the Beneficiary

  • Select "Create Form"

The attorney or preparer may complete the general information questions, if desired, to determine whether the case will be either Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing. Based on the answers given in the various sections in the questionnaire, Docketwise will complete all the necessary forms for the case.

  • If you select that the applicant is applying for their green card while in the United States it will produce the Adjustment of Status forms.

  • If you select that the applicant will be applying for their green card from abroad it will produce the combination of forms needed for Consular Processing: I-130 (and I-130A if marriage-based), I-864 and DS-5540.

  • After you complete the general information questions please select Save and Proceed- Applicant Details.

The next set of questions are intended for the Beneficiary and Petitioner to complete.
If you have their information please complete the questions under the Beneficiary's and Petitioner's names.

  • Under the Petitioner's name you will see an Employment tab. If the Petitioner earns less than the threshold required for the affidavit of support based on the current federal poverty guidelines, Docketwise will do the calculation for you explaining how much remaining income is needed. It will also give you the option to choose:

  • Co-sponsor - Docketwise will produce an additional Form I-864 for the Co-sponsor.

  • Household Member - Docketwise will produce a Form I-864A if needed

  • Assets - Docketwise will show the required value of assets needed to compensate for the income deficiency

  • Beneficiary's assets and Income - you will see the questions to input the relevant data for the Beneficiary

  • If you would like to send the questionnaire to the Beneficiary and/or Petitioner please go to the top right hand corner and select More Actions and Share. Select the Beneficiary's name. You may repeat the process and select the Petitioner's name.

  • If you would like to print the questionnaire please go to More Actions and select Print Questions.

  • If you would like to translate the forms questionnaire into another language please select More Actions and select it from the drop-down list.

Once the Beneficiary and Petitioner have completed their sections of the questionnaire, the preparer or attorney must complete the

Notice section.

  • The first question will ask you who should be notified that this application has been received by USCIS. Please select Beneficiary or Petitioner, or both, to add Form(s) G-1145

  • The second question will request you to select the parties on behalf of whom you want to enter your appearance on Form G-28. Please select Beneficiary or Petitioner or both.

  • After you complete the G-1145 questions and the G-28 questions please select Save and Proceed.

Last will be the Certification tab which will allow you to select if an interpreter was used to help complete forms. Please answer the 3 interpreter questions.

Once all of the questions are complete please select create form!

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