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Merging Duplicate Contacts
Merging Duplicate Contacts

Resolve duplicates by merging them into a single contact

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If you create more than one contact with the same name, you'll create what appears to be duplicates of the contact. Duplicates are problematic because if you create a form for the duplicate contact, it won't prepopulate with data from the correct contact.

Worse still, you may accidentally spread data across the duplicates, making the issue impossible to resolve by simply deleting all but the original contacts.

Fortunately, Docketwise allows you to merge duplicates into a single contact, taking the most recently updated data from each of the selected contacts.

In order to merge duplicate contacts, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts index

  2. Enter the name of the contact in the search bar on the right side

  3. Select all contacts with the same name

  4. Click the "Bulk Actions" button

  5. From the dropdown, select "Merge Contacts"

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