Managing your tasks and workflows is easy with Docketwise, even when you're collaborating with staffmembers.

You can create new tasks from your dashboard, contact page or matter page. Simply type your task and hit the enter key. By default, tasks are assigned to the user that creates them. However you can assign a task to any staffmember at your firm by adding the staffmember to your Docketwise account.

The most powerful feature of tasks is the ability to create reusable "tasklists".

To create a Tasklist, head over to your Account Settings and click "Create Reusable Tasklists". You can create as many Tasklists as you want. Examples include: all of the tasks you need to complete for Adjustment of Status cases or the steps your firm likes to follow whenever you onboard a new client.

With Tasklists, you can generate long lists of tasks, steps, workflows and prefiling instructions in seconds whenever you begin working with a new client or matter.

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